Bird & Rodent Control

 People are very concerned about rodent control – and with good reason. If rodents enter your home or business, they are much more than a nuisance. Rodents consume and contaminate food with their fur, urine and faeces. Rat burrowing causes streets and structures to collapse. Their constant gnawing damages property. This has caused power outages, Internet blackouts, computer crashes, fires and human deaths as well. So it is essential to use professional Rodent management solutions to protect your house or business from rats and mice.

  • Bait Stations - Baits are a supplement to residual and aerosol sprays. It is most effective when placed outdoors around buildings and commercial establishments. Universal offers a wide variety of bait stations to suit your purpose.
  • Landscape – These products are generally used in gardens or open space. Very effective as they keep bait away from children, livestock, pets and other animals, as well as protect bait from dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants so bait stays fresh longer.
  • Rodent Glue Traps – These custom designed traps are available in different strengths and are fitted with various food grade attractants to fit your needs. Rat glue traps work by literally sticking unsuspecting rats to them when they are stepped on. They are most effective when placed in corners because rodents often travel along the walls of a home/garden. Rat glue traps are also very effective when placed in front of known rodent holes.
  • Mechanical Snap Trap – he all new heavy-duty snap-traps now feature expanded triggers that make baiting and setting a “snap” easier than before. Snap Traps are spring activated and smash a rat when they are tripped. Made of recycled material, it is resistant to cracking and less prone to warping, can be used even in wet conditions.
  • Ultrasonic Rat Repeller – This helps to permanently chase rodent, rat or mice efficiently. Rat repellent can be used to deter rodents from entering an area you are trying to protect such as a garden. Rat Repellent works by using the keen sense of smell vermin that tricks rodents into thinking predators are nearby. The rat repellent contains granules that give off the scent of territorial urine from predators. These units are very compact, safe, environmentally friendly and non-irritating. It is perfect for home, commercial place, godowns, office or computer rooms, hotels and restaurants or any closed environment.

Bird Control

Universal Pesticides delivers unprecedented solutions against the nuisance of birds & pigeons in the Middle East region. We supply a wide range of pest bird control and bird repelling products.  All are environmentally friendly and do no harm to wildlife.

Bird Spikes- Did you know that pest birds cost homeowners and commercial building owners millions of dollars every year? That the high concentration of uric acid found in some bird droppings can crumble stonework, discolour paint, stain wood, and turn decorative metal into Swiss cheese? Pest birds can become a hugely expensive problem for commercial building owners. Initially, you may only have a few birds on your building, but the scent of birds roosting and nesting will quickly attract other birds. Before you know it, you’ll have a swarm of birds laying claim to your rooftops, AC units, junction boxes and other elevated areas on your building.

Not to worry, our high quality bird spikes can keep these pests away from your property. Bird-X polycarbonate plastic bird spikes are used on structures worldwide to keep pest birds from roosting and nesting on building surfaces. The spikes are not harmful - just extremely irritating, intimidating, and uninviting.

Bird Net - These are ideal for zero-tolerance areas. Bird netting can be used to block pest bird access in many places such as warehouse ceilings, eaves & rafters, bridges & underpasses, stadiums & stands, gardens & crops, architectural details, homes & covered porches. 

Both bird netting and bird spikes create a physical barrier. They prevent pest birds from landing, perching or roosting wherever they are used. Both bird netting and bird spikes are:

100% effectiveeverywhere they are installed

Discreet - barely visible from a distance, silent & require no power supply 

Bird Gel - This long-lasting, non-toxic, tacky bird repellent can be used on ledges, sills, beams, rafters and hundreds of other outdoor surfaces to prevent pest birds from roosting. The gel does not harm birds - it simply makes surfaces uncomfortable, intimidating and uninviting.

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller - An ultrasonic bird control audio solution is perfect for areas where silence is preferred. Enclosed and semi-enclosed areas are ideal. Ultrasound is most effective where sound waves can bounce off walls or ceilings, due to their direct projection and short wavelength. Ultrasonic Bird Repellers can be used inside warehouses & loading docks, parking structures, walkways & awnings, schools & hospitals, entrances & porches, balconies & patios.


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