Trading of Quick Phose (Fumigant), All types of Pest Control Equipments & Non Toxic Pest Control Products

Universal Pesticides is one of the UAE’s leading distributors of traditional and innovative pest control products. We aim to provide you with the best possible pest control products at the best prices. We are constantly sourcing and developing new products to meet the demand of a dynamic environment. We are seen as being at the forefront of bringing new products to the market, which are environmentally safe and mostly made of non-toxic materials. 

Below are broad categories of products/equipments we trade in: 

  • Fumigants
  • Gas Detector (USA)
  • Phosphide Generator
  • Pest control Sprayer
  • Aqua Fumigators
  • Pest Control Box
  • Thermal Fogger
  • ULV Machine
  • Dust Applicator
  • Termeticide Injector
  • Snake Control Products
  • Insect Traps & Monitors
  • Cat Control Traps
  • Gel Applicator
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Nets
  • Bird Repeller

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