“Our promise to our clients starts with the assurance that they will get the quality service they need” –
Mr. Pramod Pillamari, Founder and Managing Director of Universal Pesticides.

He began his career in the 80s as a pest control professional in India. In 1992, Mr. Pillamari decided to have his own full-service company in Dubai. With his education, rich experience, and the will-power to excel, he quickly gained a first –class reputation and a growing list of clients for the company. Soon a branch office was opened in Sharjah to cater to growing client demands.

Now in its 20th year, the name Universal Pesticides has become synonymous to high-quality & environment friendly pest control services catering to residential apartment complexes, commercial complexes, warehouses, shipping companies, freight forwarding companies, vessels and various government and private establishments.

The company boasts of specialised staff from pest control operators, supervisors, programme coordinators, sales executives, entomologist, and sales manager to general manager, which completes the hierarchy.

Mr. Pillamari is currently based in the company’s headquarters in Dubai, from where he leads the day-to-day management of the growing business, ensuring it maintains consistently high standards of service. 


CEO’s Message

“We are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We take the opportunity to thank our wonderful clients and employees for contributing to our success.”

A truism in markets world-wide that is becoming more and more valid is that people are more likely to buy products from companies they trust, work for organisations they respect, and recommend companies they like. All of us at Universal Pesticides believe and follow this.

As a result, the company today stands out in the market, maintains a positive corporate image, get on tender shortlists for products or services and also ensures that healthy price structures are sustained.

As we celebrate 20 years of uninterrupted growth, I am proud to say that we have been successful in sustaining our reputation for being one of the most progressive pest control companies in the region by putting the latest and most innovative pest control techniques and a wide range of world-class & environmentally safe products to work for our clients.

The company has witnessed remarkable growth since its inception in 1992.  Universal Pesticides was founded for the purpose of providing quality pest control that is environmentally safe, effective, convenient, and affordable.

And, as we continue to serve our customers in a dynamic and evolving market, I would like to focus on what does not change: our commitment to service, our leadership in this market and the results: the satisfaction of our customers, our success, our growth.

So, be prepared to be wowed by our courteous staff and excellent service! 

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